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Editing Documentaries and Interviews with Premiere Pro




  • Cut out the questions
  • Cut out redundancies and unnecessary information
  • Cut out pauses and “Um’s”
  • Shift all clips over a few seconds so the video will start with just B-Roll
  • Add B-Roll and stills
  • Adjust audio levels
  • Color correction
  • Add music and adjust its audio levels

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • V – Selection tool
  • Q – Cuts everything to the left
  • W – Cuts everything to the right
  • Cmd, K – Makes a cut
  • \ Shows the entire timeline
  • Home – Moves cursor to the beginning of the timeline
  • I – In-point
  • O – Out-point
  • ; – Lift (leaves a gap)
  • ‘ – Extract (fills the gap)
  • B – Ripple edit tool
  • Up Arrow – Moves cursor to the left edit
  • Down Arrow – Moves cursor to the right edit
  • Left Arrow – Moves cursor to the previous frame
  • Right Arrow – Moves cursor to the next frame
  • Cmd, Shift, D – Cross fade
  • Number Pad – Moves cursor to a specific location on the timeline
  • A – Selects all tracks forward
  • . –  Drops a clip into the timeline
  • Opt, X – Clears all in-points and out-points
  • Shift, 3 – Select the timeline
  • Cmd, D – Fade in

Techniques / Tools

  • Ripple Edit Tool: Use when you cut off too much of a clip. Click and drag the clip over a few frames to use the tool.
  • Cross Fade: Smooths out jolts between clips.
  • Three Point Editing: Add one in-point and one out-point on the timeline, and one in-point on the individual clip. Or add one in-point on the timeline, and one in-point and one out-point on the timeline. Then simply drop the clip into the timeline.
  • Ken Burns Effect: Select a clip, go to Effect Controls, expand the Motion tab, add beginning and ending keyframes for Position and Scale, and adjust them. To avoid an abrupt ending, select the end keyframes, right click, select Temporal Interpolation, and then select Ease In.
  • Morph Cut: Helps fix jump cuts. To use it, go to Effects and search for “morph.” Drag and drop the Morph Cut onto an edit. After it finishes analyzing, render it by clicking Enter.
  • Adjusting Audio Levels:
    • To adjust the levels of all the audio, select all the audio clips, right click, choose Audio Gain, and adjust.
    • To create keyframes, hold down Cmd and click on the audio level bar. Use these keyframes to adjust the audio levels of just a specific section.
  • Color Grading: Select a clip, go to the Color layout, and make adjustments. To apply this color grading to several other clips, select the main clip, go to Effect Controls, click on Lumetri Color, and copy it. Then select all the clips that need the filter and hit paste.
  • Razor Blade Tool: Used to cut out a section of a clip.
  • Cut out Music: Use the Razor Blade tool to cut out a middle section of the music. Drag the end where you want it, and extend it back if necessary. Use a Cross Fade to blend the two sections of music.

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